World Chocolate Day Brain Healthy with Chocolate

In this article, we discuss World Chocolate Day Brain Healthy with Chocolate.

There is often confusion about chocolate that it is beneficial to health, harmful. In many research, it is also revealed that dark chocolate is much better than white. Today is Chocolate Day, at this juncture, 5 big advantages of Dark Chocolate …

World Chocolate Day Brain Healthy with Chocolate

1. Control blood pressure

According to the research done at Harvard University, chocolate is more beneficial for people with hypertension. It works to control the BP.

In this research, 1106 people have included, which has found to reduce blood pressure to protect against cardiovascular diseases. According to another study, the addition of nitric oxide levels by the addition of chocolate diets decreases the level of BP.

2. Cholesterol levels decrease

According to a research, if the chocolate is take in small quantities, the level of bad cholesterol can reduce. It also increases the level of good cholesterol. This reduces the fear of heart attack and heart stroke.

3. Mental Health is Better

If the effect of aging is on the brain, chocolate can give you relief. According to a research conducted in the University of Nottingham in 2012, dark chocolate improves blood flow especially in the brain, increasing brain efficiency.

According to a research published in the journal Neurology, the small bite of dark chocolate enhances up to 30 percent of the memory.

4. Controls hunger chocolate

Those people who feel hungry and are worried about increasing weight, they should take a little bit of chocolate twice a day.

According to a research, monosaturated fatty acids are found in it, which burns metabolism faster by burning fat. According to a research done in the University of California, it reduces weight.

5. Eating during pregnancy is beneficial

If you eat chocolate during pregnancy, then it is beneficial for the child. According to a research, during pregnancy, if the woman eats it, her stress is low. Also, it is beneficial for her child too.

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